Summer Bucket List and TBR

June 10, 2017

It’s almost summer people!
It’s already June 10! Where does time go? In exactly one month I’m turning 17, how is that happening! *inner screams* I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling this way! So before I jump into my post I’m just going to share some awesome summery posts floating around the blogosphere, I have so many to share! But here are a few :) to not bog you down.

Abby’s funny, dirt honest, and relatable Post -What's up with change?
Arya Lynn’s super inspirational post on writing - Write because it's worth it.
And T.H's beautiful, beautiful, and inspirational poem which brought me to tears- My Safe Stronghold


1.       Go to the Beach at least two times//
My mom is already planning a stay for me and my brother’s birthday and we should go for a daytrip sometime soon. <3 What is summer without a beach trip?  (I took this gorgeous pic a few minutes before the start of a wild storm. I still remember how all eight of us rushed into the car with our load of stuff, the lightening cracking the sky and sand flying into our eyes. Those adventurous summer memories :)

2.      Hike a unique mountain//
I already hiked the Cascades and that was so gorgeous! It’s definitely not your boring winding hike, you climb stone stairs and feel the rush of the wind above the fast current mountain stream. The vibrant green trees and moss carpets the forest floors and stones. And at the end are the cascades! Which you wade out too and yelp about the freezing cold water and some of us slip on the slippery stones into the icy water but that’s part of what makes it so much fun. (And it’s a lot taller than that, I got less than half of the cascades in my picture, yes that’s me :P)

So I want to do another fun mountain hike like that! 

3.      Be able to swim one kilometer nonstop by the end of the summer and win at least ONE race at swim meet//
Hehe *major nervous laughter* This is going to take a lot of will power and work. It’s hard for me to swim a nonstop 100 as is. But I know I can do it, I need to set high expectations. In fact it is quite a miracle that I can exert that amount of energy and keep up, it’s honestly God’s miracle and my will that make it possible. As a tween and kid, I couldn’t stand for even 30 minutes without getting severely sick and nauseated (And often throwing up :/) SO anyway beyond the gross reality I am blessed to be at this point today. God turned a sickly pale skinny girl into a totally different person.

4.      Go on an a one week wifi hiatus//
Yes, it’s highly needed to disconnect and be outside and with family. I feel like I should have made that two weeks but…you know. *grins*

5.      Get my driver’s license//
*sighs and smiles pitifully* I’m going to be seventeen in a month and I still haven’t gotten it. About time, enough said. You all will need to yell at me if I don’t get it by the end of the summer! 

6.      Start a creative writing prompt journal//

This should help get my creative juices flowing. I don’t know how often I can write but I will try to do it some and hopefully share with you guys! It would be awesome if you could comment or share prompts below J

7.      Finish the first draft of “Spirit Girl”//

*clears throat* I REALLY hope to do this. I don’t know if it will happen but I definitely want to try hard. Speaking of that I NEED APLHA READERS QUICKLY. Please, please sign up HERE and read more about “Spirit Girl” HERE

           Image result for this changes everything jaquelle crowe
1.      1. This Changes Everything
Not only did I recently find this new book on the Rebelution website, I see everyone in my blogosphere is talking about it! I just ordered it, and I am really looking forward to reading it.
        Image result for fahrenheit 451
2.    2.  Fahrenheit 451
This one has been on my booklist for so long and I every time I tried checking it out, none of the libraries had it available. That changes this summer :)

 Image result for anne of green gables book
3.      3. Reread the Anne of Green Gables Series ( I don’t think I ever did finish them)
If you are a boy you may move on and skip to number 5 XD. Shame for shame for never finishing. When I read the abridged version as a nine year old I think? it was like I had found a kindred spirit and finally someone who was as weird and charismatic as me. At first I thought she was even too ridiculous but as I grew older and reread it I learned to love her a lot.  Boy I sure hated her for hurting Gilbert though! I really loved Gilbert XD And that goes on to say…I must finish the series when she grows up and has children. I’m also going to keep a journal and write down the wonderful quotes. J
Image result for emily of new moon book
4.      4. Emily of New Moon Series
I love the style and way L. M. Montgomery writes. Therefore I decided to also read Emily of New Moon. You can never outgrow books like this.

5.      5. Reread LOTR
I can’t say enough about J.R.R Tolkien. His books never grow old and his allegories turn the heart and leave you thinking and reflecting about life in general. I have read the series two times already and I will be reading for the third this summer. <3

Let’s chat! What are you all doing this Summer? Have you read any of the books on my TBR, Do you have any recommendations? I always love to hear all your ideas and suggestions and all you have to say! Share with me!

Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices;
my body also will rest secure
                                                                     (Psalm 16:9)

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  1. I've read all of the books on your list! They're really good and enlightening, I think you'll enjoy them. Have you read I, Robot by Isaac Asimov? Like Fahrenheit 451, it also helped define a big genre in reading.
    I also did sign up to be an alpha reader for Spirit Girl and I'm really excited about that!!!

    1. Wow really! I am eager to read them all. No I haven't read I, Robot...I'll have to check it out!

      Yes! I did see that you signed up! Thanks so much for signing up, I am looking forward to that. :)

  2. GREAAAT !!
    That's an amazing bucket list!! Hope it works out!
    Happy summer!

  3. love this list! fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorites! <3

    1. Thanks Audrey! I'll be looking forward to reading it! I love your blog! Def following :)

  4. Oh my gosh you mentioned my post and now I'm crying :') Wifi breaks-- eeep! It's sounds so daunting but fun. I can only just heard evil laughing...

    Fahrenheit 451 was a weird book... I wish I could say more, but the last time the book was read was around three years ago and it's not something I remember that well! Ooooh, Emily of New Moon! Emily's a bit more reserved than Anne but she's still one of my favorite characters out of all L.M. Montgomery's books. Hopefully you accomplish everything on your bucket list and complete your TBR pile, Anna!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Hahaha I love your humor Abby. <3 :P Thanks for the input and encouragement! I'll be needing that Eep. I sure hope I can get it all done!

  5. Haha we had the same post title for today xD

    Oooh I love writing prompts! I think you can find a ton of them on pinterest. Are you looking for story prompts or more abstract things? The ones I'm going to try to do are like "write about a time you knew it was over" or "write about what you were really thinking."

    I hope you have an awesome summer <3

    audrey caylin

    1. XD I wanted to do this post for a while but seeing yours said "its about time"
      So do I! I'm looking at more abstract things tbh, just on the spur prompts. Do you have any key words to look up? I tried using pinterest and I got some wacky things haha. But its just probably because I didn't look far because of time limitations.

      I hope you have an awesome summer too Audrey! I always love seeing you around here <3


  6. Okay, but you're only 17?? You look so much older in your photo! Wow.

    Also, yes REREAD LOTR!!! Always.

    1. hahaha,I do get that a lot :)

      YES! LOTR is the best.

  7. You have some great goals - I hope you're able to meet them all! :) And yes - I keep seeing This Changes Everything around too. It's looking more and more like I need to read it! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! <3 it's always so helpful to receive your encouragement.

      I know! I think it should be a wonderful book, I think it's really neat how we all have or are going to read it. It makes it that much more special :)


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