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What I learned from my English Tutor - 3 smart tips to improve your writing // Cookie book tag

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I love my English tutor...many say she is too hard on her students or too strict but I find her to be my greatest source of inspiration and advice. She's funny and loves books and can never pass up a good conversation. She marks up my papers until black ink consumes their depths, but instead of being discouraged I'm inspired by all the smart corrections and little tweaks she offers. She yells about how much she likes my writing until she remembers we are in a room where someone else is also trying to tutor their student. She is just as honest when it comes to offering praise as for her corrections. We share the same faith and she encourages me to dig deeper into my beliefs, challenging any superficiality that may lie on my page.

I've learned a bunch of things from my tutor but today I'm going to share three, even though I've acquired them while discussing English essays they apply to ANY sort of writing.

1. Tie Your Shoelaces Sentences Together

Guys you know I love metaphors, I CAN"T EVER resist weaving a concept down my writing or posts. Ok what I'm about to say is going to sound overly simple, yet don't doubt it's power of coherence...
Sentence number one is tied to sentence number two, then sentence number three is tied to sentence number two AS WELL as Sentence one.

Your stream of thoughts should flow down your writing and when you introduce a new one it should begin a new paragraph. The smartest way to connect your writing is by seeding a metaphor. Circle the most packed and powerful words and use their depth to continue seeding more related concepts down into your WHOLE work, or perhaps chapter.

{so and so had a} ...thorn in the flesh.

 This is an  actual and real example we discussed.
IMAGINE how many implications thorn has, for a second jot down every association a thorn carries. Good questions to ask yourself would be this.

Where are thorns found? (packed metaphor/simile hints!)
What hurts so much about a thorn? (character backstory opportunity, thought process gap, metaphor/simile)
What are the characteristics of a thorn?

Do you see how powerful metaphors in our stories can be??? Theme is much developed through these weaving concepts. Enjoyable books often retain an element that weaves down the story carrying intrigue and hints that lead the reader forward. Which leads us to our next point...

2. Bread Crumbs!

Do you remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? At one point to find their way back home they dropped bread crumbs so they could follow them back (never mind that it didn't work so well). 
Drop tantalizing little bread crumbs in your writing AKA little hints. Your readers will be eagerly searching for the next bread crumb and get fascinated and drawn along by your story.

These bread crumbs could include but are not limited to...

1. Character backstory
2. Foreshadowing
3. Symbolism
4. Alternating character scenes
5. Letting the villain action's be seen by the reader and not the MC

Now as in anything...TOO MANY bread crumbs and your readers will get full and bored. TOO LITTLE bread crumbs and you will have raised up your reader's hopes for nothing. 

3. Read Your Manuscript Out Loud (and no I'm not talking about your handy computer voice)

You will catch so many silly little mistakes your eyes miss. 
You will correct awkward dialogue
You will get into your characters' shoes
You will bond with your story
You will cut the useless words


the yummiest tag on the blogger block
 THANK YOU IVIE for tagging me <3


the hobbit and lord of the rings
 (*considers inserting all the fandom pictures and songs*)

 princess bride

(i was seriously amazed and confused by the outcomes of this tale)


to kill a mockingbird

(the premise of almost any book but this is my favorite and most notable incident)


 the giver

(in a way i guess it does...) 


robin hood

false prince trilogy ( i could totally see him {spoiler if revealed name} being sugary sweet)


lust for life

( very very mature book: not really recommended even though I found it painfully good)


summer of the monkeys

(hands down funniest, got me scream out loud laughing, childhood book, READ aren't too old for it, it's the best dog/boy story)


charlie and the chocolate factory

(very nutty characters ^^^)

distant waves

(warning: interesting story but spiritualism is an important part of the story...seances etc. Not too graphically detailed but disturbing at times)


I apologize for this horrendously long post! Did you read any of the books I mentioned? Any thoughts on the writing tips?

Any fun fall things going on for you? Is anyone going to homecoming? How's nano prep going!
Whatever it is talk to me below!!! <3

He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.

 (Psalm 23:3)

Friday, October 13, 2017

From the Void // Anna comes back to the blogosphere

In pinecones I glimpse my own human nature, the layers that make up the fabric of my existence and there too I see the marvelous design of my Creator.
- Anna C. S.
{ pics all via pinterest }

•  Midnight Waves (album) by Canyon City • Brave New World (album) by Amanda Cook • Luthien's Lament by Eurielle • LOTR soundtrack duh ;P • Getting Lighter by Goldmund • Ruby by Ira Wolf • Sparrow by Miika Mettianein • Indodana by Stellenbosch University Choir • Angels We Have Heard On High by Piano Guys ft. Peter Hollens, David Archuleta • Frank Sinatra • Starry Starry Night by Josh Groban • Walking in the Air by Celtic Women • Stronger by Sam Robertson (song for the Las Vegas victims)  •

 Silmarillon • The Alchemist • Emily Dickinson's Poems • How Green Was My Valley • School Books haha especially my big fat biology book

Spiderman Homecoming 2017  • Courageous • IT creepy but good at the same time << that coming from someone who never watches horror movies

• went away from home for two weeks babysitting  • went apple picking heyy Ivie I had an apple cider slushie! Are you proud of me? xD  • got A's on every single assignment and tests << I feel this first quarter optimism isn't gonna last for long hehe • met some incredible people and made friends, working on getting over my social anxiety • did some song writing and composing • took time off blogging and writing to enjoy real life and see the seasons pass • got hooked to scrapbook journaling! possible pics & ideas coming soon • made pumpkin pie <3 • CANYON CITY REPLIED ME ON TWITTER AHAHAHAHA •

Ack guys! I've been gone so long and I really do miss you all <3 Not reading your posts and interacting with everyone has left me up some nights thinking about more than one of you. I wish I could bake you all pumpkin pie and we could sit around and catch up on steaming mugs of apple cider but ahh since we can't just imagine we are! ;)

  So how do you all like my new blog theme! For some weird reason the pages feature is messing with me...if anyone has ideas or solutions do let me know :). 

Honestly it's been a wildly busy time...some of you who I email and chat on twitter probably know the situation but to those who don't I am veryyyy busy with school and I just finished two weeks of babysitting away from home while juggling projects and homework. However my time away from home taught me some important things...we writers need to get out of our little nooks and wander, we need to take up odd jobs and meet new people...we need to get out of our shell and feel life. This period of time has given me so so so much inspiration that I am only too sorry to not be able to channel at the moment. TRUST ME, do it! Get out of your comfort zone...stop staring at the screen and explore this beautiful fall season. Go cook! Doodle, paint, do creative things! 

IT"S SOOO much better than spending the free time on goodreads or twitter or pinterest (no this isn't betrayal!!! xD). 

 Hopefully I still post every Saturday and if I don't you know what's up...*growls* life...

The extent of my writing this month (no not a new WIP just a rabbit trail)

Fear is the thing with feathers. It flies and whirls in the air of your heart, in the depth of the earth’s soul and it does not stop. Dashing it’s sweeping colors it seduces even the wisest. From Pandora’s box it swept out into the corners of the world to never be captured again. For fear is the wild woman you followed willingly to your sweetly imagined death. Yet when it came it was cold and terrible, filled with icy regrets and the fires of your own foolish passions. Ahh your wisdom is foolishness, ahh your ideas are lies…for you are a man without a heart that is better to be kept than the handsome head on your shoulders. 

She too was this way, she too had been beguiled by the many faces of fear. She had given him her world on a platter to conduct as he saw fit, all in the name of fate. Ugly fate begone, begone from the lies that live upon each other’s backs. For when your name and your beloved fear is forgotten, then will the eyes of many be brought to God’s truth. 


She trembled as her back slid down against the peach colored wall. The warmth of the pink bundle in her arms colored her cold uncovered neck. Slowly it crept up her bones bringing tingling love to every corner of her thin body. 

“Sinon.” The ragged voice of Avah’s mother made Sinon quiver with surprise. The heavy trod of Madame’s oxford boots descended down the wooden staircase. 

The moonlight threatening to pour out of the entrance window shone on Madame. The blue light illuminated the woman’s round face…her sunken amber eyes. As she descended lower the light flickered on her square jaw and sighed over her premature wrinkles. “Madame…” Sinon’s voice came out in a weak whisper.

“The twins are asleep, you can go.” 

Sinon’s legs were weak from rocking the child. Her limbs trembled as she tried to stand up. She grunted, her lips barely opening to let out the tiny sound. 

“Here Madame, she is asleep.” Her eyes filled with pain as her hesitating hands slid the bundle into the mother’s arms.

“Bien, good.” Madame nodded and a coarse strand of black hair slid out of her bun.

 ^^^ What do you all think??? Should I continue this as a short story? Where do you see it going... (actually reaaaally want to hear your thoughts)
Well written or not?

How are you??? What's going on for you? Are you doing Nano, what are you writing about? 
What do you think of my little piece of writing up there...and HEY here is a great thingie I found on don't have to do it but if you want to I'll definitely give you a list of things haha

For I know the plans I have for you,”
 declares the Lord
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
(Jeremiah 29:11)

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