Guest Post by Jonathan: Fiction Does Matter

June 12, 2017

 Hey guys!
Summer is here and summer means TBR's and reading!
So I'm back with an awesome guest post on why fiction DOES matter written by dude blogger, *drum roll* Jonathan!

I guess at some point of all of our lives we have questioned or heard fiction being questioned. I mean why is it really that important? What good is it being absorbed in other imaginary people's lives when you could be living your life?
Well of course we all scream at these statements! I mean reading! How can we NOT read? Especially fiction! But every so often we have that skeptic and in our wild, flailing passion over books we're like WHAT? WHAT! 
But we need answers for skeptics; calm, reasonable supported answers. God tells us to be able to support what we do, to have a reason and good purpose behind all of our actions. Well, well, enough said! Read on!

Sometimes it’s easy for people to think the realm of fiction is just for fun. You know, it’s entertaining to read, but it doesn’t really have any purpose outside of the entertainment factor.

Many people hold to the view that it’s a waste of time to read fiction, let alone write it.

The thing that makes this issue even more complex is the fact that entertainment is a big part of fiction. I won’t deny it. Many people read fiction for the sole purpose of being entertained, and there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself.  

However, most authors don’t write their books only to entertain readers. Even if a reader picks up a book to be entertained, that doesn’t mean the author won’t have some lessons to teach or some messages to impart. Almost every story has meaning and purpose behind it.

Fiction is so, so much more than just entertainment. When we read fiction, the themes are memorable. Often we can remember stories- and the messages that go with them- for years. Stories have been used to teach for centuries, and some stories from hundreds of years ago are still used to teach today.

Oftentimes we learn from the people around us. So as we read fiction, we can relate to the characters and learn from their mistakes. We can see where a character has messed up, and we can know not to do the same thing in our own life.

This is why it’s key to be careful what kinds of fiction we consume. Good, wholesome fiction can teach us lessons and morals that will stick with us through our lives. But bad fiction will lead us off track, taking us away from God. Because fiction affects us. It can make us laugh, cry, scream, or grin. Well-written fiction almost always has an emotional effect on the reader. It’s so important to watch what we’re putting into our minds- words are powerful.

It’s easy to label fiction readers as people who are simply looking for an escape from their own lives. But the thing is- fiction doesn’t have to distract us from real life. I’m not denying the fact that many probably do read fiction to try and escape from circumstances in their own lives. However, blaming this on the fiction itself is creating a problem where there is none.

If you only read fiction to escape, then yes, you probably need to stop. But your escapist mentality isn’t the fault of the fiction itself- it’s your own fault. Let’s stop blaming this on fiction.

If you’re a writer of fiction (like me!), reading solid fiction is a tried and true way to improve. Not only can you learn from the messages of the author, you can learn from their craft. You can see how they used things like point of view shifts, backstory, and chapter length to enhance and develop their story. Then you can apply what you learned to your own fiction.

However, all that being said, balance is crucial. The point isn’t that you should inhale fiction in large quantities, not taking the time to read your Bible or your school assignments. Moderation is important to everything, and that includes reading.

But, what I am saying is that fiction does matter. And not only does it matter- it’s powerful. If used properly, we can bring glory to God through both reading and writing fiction.

About the Author

Jonathan Trout is a 17-year-old novelist with a passion for Jesus, sour candy, quality books, and adventure. By day, he’s a homeschooler, but by night, he’s a ninja. Oftentimes he pens “About the Author” sections in third person because they make him sound more professional than he actually is. You can stalk him further at his blog, Fishing For Ideas

Share Below! What do YOU think about this subject? Make sure to follow Jonathan and check out his awesome blog!

Your word is a lamp to my feet 
and a light unto my path (Psalm 119:105)

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  1. This was a great post and I'd like to tell y'all about the movement started by Gray at She's starting a movement about writing wholesome books. I think y'all might be interested. A lot of bloggers, myself included, have writing about this over the past couple weeks.

    Anyway, great post Johnathon. It was well said. I personally understand the wanting to escape life for a little while. (I have a great life, but a lot of changes going on right now.) We shouldn't escape for too long or it becomes mentality. However, it's not the book's fault for our own problems. I like to write because I have control over the world I'm writing when in my life, I've been constantly learning to give God control.

    That was long. Sorry. :)
    God bless y'all.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Ivie! I really relate to you! In my past I read to escape my life.When I started to face things, fiction became and artform and inspiration to me, not an escape.

      As to Rebellious Writing I have posted for it and am working in close contact with Gray to grow the movement! Thanks for spreading it around!

    2. That's right! I forgot. (Today's been a little off for me, lol.)
      My mind is scrambled. *sighs*
      Again, thank you for this post. Great collaboration. :)

    3. *gives you a big hug* That's totally ok Ivie, we all have those days and thanks :)

    4. Thank you for the hug. These types of days can be frustrating, but I'm feeling a little better now. :D

    5. That makes me feel better too! I can't say I was having a stellar day either and hugs are MAGIC, even virtual ones. <3

  2. Awesome post, guys! I love how it talked about bringing glory to God.
    And thanks, Ivie, for spreading the word!!

    1. Thank you Gray! But seriously all thanks to Jonathan for this wonderful post, I love his fresh outlook on things.

      Yes! It's great that people are spreading this! :)

    2. No problem. I'm going to try and spread it around where I think people will like to hear it.


    1. OF COURSE! XD but all thanks to YOU :D This was an awesome article and a great message!

    I enjoyed it so muuuuuuccccchhhh <3
    so true <3

    1. Thanks Arya! Jonathan is a great writer isn't he?
      I always love to see your comments around here, thanks for reading. :) xox


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