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Daughter of the King/ The Blue Eyed One/ Writer/ Musician/ Enfp/ Future Nutritionist/ Free Spirit/ Multilingual

-Blue eyes
- Free Spirit
-A bunny of all trades (basically I can't stick to one thing)
- Speaks four languages
- Lives in America 
- Ice cream & Pizza (oh and yes...healthy food also *grins* )
-Oldest Sister
-Mountains are life <3
-Impromptu Artist



My name is Anna, I have blue eyes, waist length wavy brown hair. If you couldn't tell already, I'm a free spirit, I'm the girl that sneaks out of my bed, crawls out the window and takes secret moonlight walks. I'm the girl that hugs trees and prays looking up at the beautiful sky. I'm the girl that runs outside when it rains.

I'm the Tolkien obsessed one, the girl who sighs when she looks in her closet because Narnia isn't there, The one who sees a story in each song she hears. I'm the messy writer, the exasperated song writer, the anxious pleaser, the weird big sister, and my mom's right hand. I'm proud to be homeschooled. And out of the million other things I do...I love to work out, I dance folk, I coach swimming (let's just say that's not because of my great skill with swimming but rather kids.) I sing in my church choir, and way too many more things to list. Someday I hope to travel far and wide and help out orphans, that's my biggest heart calling. After that is getting a degree in nutrition. I love to educate people on how to live healthier, more natural lives. As a descendant of Cancer and Diabetes survivors I know its my calling. I want to be God's instrument to heal body and spirit in His name.

 Well well...I've talked a lot. You know? Only one thing really matters in the end...above all those imperfect things I listed...my true identity is in Jesus Christ, my Saviour whose love is my banner.
He saved my life and He can save yours too...

That's it! If you would like to find out more, read on and share with me! Explore, share, comment, and contact me anytime here!

Have a blessed day! 

Young people, I am writing you,
    because you are strong.
God’s message is firm
    in your hearts,
and you have defeated
    the evil one.

(1 John 2:14b)


  1. Dear Anna. I love your blog and from your blog I can see that you are nice person from your heart. Advise from annonymous, Never change your heart, because it is the best thing you possess. I like your thoughts to help sick people. Just continue it and always be daughter of Jesus. Have a blsssed and beautiful life! Smile always!

    1. Thank you :) That means a lot and I sure wouldn't like to change in anyway but for better.
      And I wish you the exact same thing.

  2. Hi, Anna! You sound like a fun person! I'm a C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien fan, too. I have a mini wooden blue locker in my room that I use to pretend was a doorway to Narnia when I was five, in my room, because my parents were getting rid of it but I said I would keep it because of the memories I have of it. And you're homeschooled?! Me too! YAY FOR HOMESCHOOLERS!!!! XD

    -Gray Marie

    1. A FELLOW FAN and HOMESCHOOLER *flails* <3
      That's so so so so cute! XD <3 I also had imaginary worlds when I was little ( still do :)
      I'll definitely have to check your blog out :)

  3. Homeschoolers for life!!!!
    I'm into fitness and healthy living as well.
    Great blog. Keep up the good work. :)

    1. YAYYY XD <3 Another homeschooler and we share interests! <3 Nice to meet you Ivie! :)

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog! It's so nice to have found you, Anna :) Your blog is stunning!!! :D

    1. Also your free spirit + bookish loves + heart to change the world are like word aesthetics. You're awesome!! ^.^

    2. Thank you so much Abigayle! <3 Wow you really made my day ^.^ <3 I love your blog and have been following you and reading for a long time and you're a huge inspiration, I'm so happy I found your blog and you found mine :) <3

  5. Hello *waves* Nice to see you again! XD
    YOU WRITE SONGS!!! That is AWESOME!!! :-) :-D XD

    1. *waves back wildly* YOU'RE HERE XD
      YES!!! I LOVE IT! Someday when I get the equipment I hope to record! Do you write songs???

    2. YES I AM!!! XD
      That's awesome!!! I'm writing one right now called "Corridors". ;-D It's an instrumental song; no words. What kind of songs do you write?

    3. Wow that's so cool! I mostly do covers or write my own songs...along with lyrics. But I am starting to get into arrangements and combining instruments to do instrumentals :)

  6. What other languages can you speak?

    1. French, Russian, and Armenian :))) I'm not perfectly fluent but I can speak enough for my own good.


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