Day Three: Hannah Costello // Mermaid

April 05, 2018

It was so long ago that I drowned
And forgot life above the surface.
I fell to the depths, lost hope of being found,
Grew gills and a tail to serve my new purpose.
Spending my days, water blurring my eyes
Bloom flowers above me, squelch mud below.
Living in the nothing reflecting the skies
And dancing in the currents that are mine to control.
And ever so rarely, I think of the land
Or accidentally I glance up.
Never did I know I wished to touch dry sand
And watch, from the beach, the water lap up.
Never did I think I wanted to go back
Or realize my name I’d forgotten.
Never, until, on a night, water black
Once again I was called, in a voice not as sodden
As those of the fish and my friends.
All at once I turned upwards, facing the sky
Swam towards where the water ends.
My hands touch air, then my face, and I cry
Because the wind I can’t breathe and the colours I can’t see
And the voice that had called me is gone.
And now I remember what happened to me
That world, with me, now is done. 

Originally from Canada, Hannah now lives in Costa Rica with her two brothers, parents, cats, chickens and goats. You can usually find her reading, talking to friends, and being sarcastic. She will call herself a writer, even if she hasn’t written anything in months, while entrepreneuring as a youth in the Specialized Kinesiology field. 

Find her at her blog site, Que What Now?
Or on her business page, Specialized Kinesiology Youth

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  1. This is beautiful! And Anna, your collages are brilliant, as usual!

  2. Oh, how lovely! mermaids are the best. ;D

  3. All of these posts are so beautiful and aesthetic and the poetry is breathtaking, great job y'all! <33

  4. This is amazing but sad poem, I could imagine the scenes so vividly!:)

  5. This is a wonderful poem. I also like mermaids.

  6. Amazing poem! i also like the photos you put in this post.


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