I Am Evergreen: Poem

September 23, 2017

(listen to the music when you read this)
 I AM EVERGREEN // Lotus Land

My dear I study hard
my dear when the midnight blue sky fills with stars, i wish not for love but wisdom from above
whenever i spy the moon, i remember 
that my insecurities
are just little lies
And i won't lie memories fade quick
but my dreams rain 
heart touches
 though come far far away
reach me so dearly close
sacrifices made yesterday
are never forgotten today
 And when my brain leaves the expanse
of this earth
i hear music from your land
your voice brought back
dances upon my heart
 And though I never touched your hand
in the electric second of chance
i may sense your fingertip brush
whispering "be happy"

and sometimes when i smile in the mirror
i see you smile back

and sometimes also i hear your voice
retelling the stories
you told me yesterday
 i never forget
and i never lie
my promises
 unlike the leaves that fall off the trees
in september
i am evergreen
- thank you for believing in me dearest friend
you changed my life 


Even the most simple kind act...could change someone's life.
Never ever doubt the influence of your words and actions <3

Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, 
forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness
 is intended to lead you to repentance?
(Romans 2:4)


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  1. So beautiful!! Thank you for this lovely poem. 😁

    1. It's so inspiring and encouraging. Just what people need to read.

    2. 😀 Thank you Ivie and I LOVE your new pfp xoxo

  2. This is so beautiful and inspiring, Anna. <3

  3. LILA IS AWESTRUCK. SUCH BEAUTIFUL POETRY. *floats away into the clouds on the wings of your words* <3 <3

    And the message behind it... I n s p i r i n g.

    1. AHHHH you are so cute Lila <333 ^.^ your comments totally make my day xoxoxo *hugs*

  4. So amazing! You have a gift of words for sure. <3

  5. *is speechless with mouth gaping* woah Anna. If you published a book of poetry, I would so buy it. This might be my new favorite poem right here. Love this so much! <3

    1. OMW EEEEK! That is so sweet! When I build up a decent collection I definitely might consider it! :)))

  6. Beautiful, Anna. Just beautiful.


  7. Amazingly written. One must be so lucky for whom this poem is written. I can see that this isn't merely a poem but reflection of your pure soul and heart. Yes you are evergreen.

    1. Thank you so much Anonymous. I'm really lucky to have had that person in my life. *blushes* that means ALOT, thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  8. Beautiful! I loved your imagery and the aesthetic is lovely!!! XD Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love your poem....It is truely music to the soul...and I love you're blog! I just subscribed!
    TeenWriter @ WeAreTeenArtists

    1. Thank you so much Teen Artist! I hope you enjoy the blog!


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