5 Ways to Stay Sane when Life isn't

September 16, 2017

Whew! It’s been an insane week. From fast paced classes to one hour drives back and forth to a gig and a concert ending the week in…tada, a nasty cold. So first I’m going to ramble and rant a bit about my schedule and then I’m going to talk about how to remain sane when life becomes a mutant rollercoaster.  (<< whoa the imagery xD)

Ok my frens, LIFE IS TRULY AND TRULY INSANE FOR ANNA RIGHT NOW.  I have classes three times a week no problemo right? Well *smacks lips and rubs hands * let me explain...

*cue rant* I wake up at five thirty so I can have the time to pack a healthy lunch and supper (*nodnod* I’m not insane yet, you’ll see why), get dressed, pack my three bags (I swear I look like a backpacker every day…one’s for school books THICK ONES, the other’s for swim stuff, and the third is lunch bag.) and look decent. (Oh and did I mention I have to go shake my dad and brother awake about three times in the course of the morning before they arise?)

It takes one hour to get to school, ONE HOUR. No that’s not an issue with me anymore but this human bean can’t read or write in the car for her life. Let’s just say I’ve gotten over feeling like a big failure for that one practically wasted hour.

And then…school, school is incredibly fun and I have epic teachers and frens but honestly HOMEWORK. Then swimming, then college orchestra…I get home at TEN PM PEOPLE. TEN PM and then you know…HOMEWORK. Then my mom decided it would be a great idea to drag me to ANOTHER co op on Wednesdays which is one of the two free days in my week. Ok, it’s SO MUCH FUN *whines* but you know? MORE HOMEWORK! (and the classes? Entrepreneurship, finance and careers) << fun yet tough stuff peeps.
And this week…I did a gig with a band and then a concert, I was singing at the beginning of a horrid sore throat and bam, I’m fully sick and stuffy for the concert and now is the weekend and I’m praying I’ll be better before Monday because…falling behind…is a PAIN. *whines a bit more*

*end of rant*

Ok guys sorry *smiles guiltily* It’s out now…and I can be back to the positive side of how to handle life and also I AM REALLY SORRY for taking so long to answer your emails and comment on your posts (because honestly I want to dote and admire every single one of you but you know…life *sigh*)

SO How does one handle LIFE when things are so busy? Here are some tricks and tips and trust me I am preaching to myself here as well ;) I hope this helps my peeps.


Often times it takes me at least thirty minutes to fall asleep. I have started using this time to plan my lunch the next day so I don’t rush and waste time fridge staring. Instead I peek in the fridge and pantry before bed and then plan out a healthy lunch and supper for the next day while I try to fall asleep. It’s so important to my life because that stumble in health could be my downfall. If I pack something healthy, tasty and nourishing I’m so much more likely to not lust over vending machine snacks and school food and waste money. Then I wake up next morning  at 5:30 and rush to the bathroom in my PJ’s, splash my face with cold water and head to the kitchen to pack my lunch. This helps me to wake up and once I’ve done all the little chores and necessities, I can get dressed and not worry about sleepily dropping something onto my outfit and staining it. FORETHOUGHT IS PRICELESS, whatever you use it for think ahead and make the most of your time. Basically turn your weakness into your strength.

2.                       BEING INTENTIONAL

Before you open your computer or any electronic for that matter think…what am I going to do? If I do not resolve to only answer blog post comments and check my email then I am much more likely to get lost fooling around in the latest news or scanning my goodreads and twitter. BE INTENTIONAL. Honestly if you are busy, you can’t afford to lose precious time over laziness or lack of will. Resolving exactly what to do and having a plan of intent helps immensely no matter what the situation.

3.                       MAXIMIZE

Pause. Take the time to look around your space, is your desk littered with papers and books, used dishes? Is your dresser piled up with clothes? Is your night table sprinkled with yesterday’s accessories. Listen you aren’t the only one. But truth be told, you will be SO MUCH more productive if you clear the mess. Maximize your space. Before plopping into bed at night chose at least one space to clear and the next morning do another one. Quick little clean ups (and instant clean ups ahem, *stares at self sternly in mirror*) will save you a lot of stress. Messy spaces trigger annoyance, impatience and even depression.

4.                       INNOVATE
My so far one class in Entrepreneurship  has taught me something HUGE. Innovation is key to success. Instead of rambling I am going to link you to a little lifesaver video. LITERALLY REVOLUTIONIZED my way of looking at life.

5.                       BOND
Bond. Please take the time to hug the people you love, say thank you for the meals your Mom prepares, giggle with your siblings, appreciate your friends, smile more and find joy in all the tiny little things that surround you. Write down what God has done for you, even if it’s just a little sentence you will treasure that memo.  Be kind to others, show interest in others’ passions, laugh at your mistakes, let the sunshine outside be the sunshine that shines out of your eyes when things aren’t so sunny, go jump on the trampoline when the little kids beg you to, don’t be afraid to get dirty, try out new things, let your heart show through everything you do, spend time with Jesus, bake yummy things, tell corny jokes, do what makes you happy yet be selfless at the same time. <3 If you have a hard time go talk with your parents, I find ranting to my mom helps. She will often laugh or suggest things I think are stupid but are really what I need to do. Even a hug from my dad or mom or sibling can lift my mood dramatically.

Love with your full heart and keep bonds strong and unbreakable. 


Guys I really hope this helps! How is your life going? What’s been going on lately in the blogosphere? Any more advice for this busy girl? :) Whatever you all have to say comment below! You guys are little lights that put smiles on my faces even when I’m grumpy and sick ;)

 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love.
(1 Corinthians 13:13)

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  1. This are amazing. This year has been insane for me and I needed this.

    1. I'm so so glad these could help Faith <3 We'll make it through! :)

  2. Oh, it helped. It helped A LOT. Great post, Anna! I especially need to take control of the time I spend on my Tablet. *glares at device* So THANK you for what you said in #2. I need to start doing that again... maybe even make a list on a scrap of paper (cos I have like a million lying around) and check off each as I go and then turn it off as soon as the last one has been checked.

    Yes, yes, yes. That is my plan of action XD

    And I will watch that video very soon - I'm extremely curious!!!

    1. OMW I relate so badly!!! It's so tough for me too but it's important!

      Do watch it! :) It's really interesting and it packs a punch for five minutes... :)

  3. omw it's so fun to hear about your life! And this post will be so insanely helpful once I get back to regular routine after our major move!

    *high fives fellow health 'nut'" it's so good you are packing you own healthy lunch and dinner! Go you! Why can't you read/write in the car? Do you get a headache? Because I do. D:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME POST. And all the best to your busy life, and I hope you get well soon ^-^


    1. I also love to hear about other people's lives xD and I"m SO GLAD IT CAN BE HELPFUL

      *high fives back* Wooot! Three cheers for health nuts ;) And I get nauseated if I read/write in the car :( It's sad...

      Thank you so much Lisa and I hope you stay healthy and settle in after your big move! <3 ^.^

    2. Carsickness while reading is the bookworm's nightmare. I feel your pain. :/

  4. Anna, you are such a wonderful blessing. I needed to hear this now. Your words have helped me so much. And the struggle is real with fridge staring. Such an awesome post. I will be praying that you feel better soon. I just recovered from a nasty cold a few weeks ago. Man, it was awful, but my parents think it might have been allergies. Point is, I know what you're going through and it is soooo annoying. Alka-seltzer cold and flue gel pills do wonders.

    Anyway, wonderful posts.

    Also, if you have time, can you suggest some healthy lunch ideas? Lunch is kind of a struggle for me sometimes. But only if you have time. I don't want to add to your busy schedule.

    Praying that God heals your cold and helps you through this very busy time. God bless you! <3 <3 <3


    1. Thank you so so so much Ivie, you are so sweet! xox Thankfully its clearing up and my mom being the health nut she is, is keeping me up to date on all her home remedies :D

      I know!? I spend a ridiculous amount of time fridge staring! And ooh that would actually me a really good post idea, I would love to do that sometime if I can fish out some pics and good ideas. Yes I think I'll post on it soon! :D

      Thank you so much Ivie :) <3 You are really a blessing...God Bless you too! <333

  5. Thank you so much, Anna! Your wisdom is super helpful!!

    I hope life slows down for you soon, and I hope your cold goes away. <3

    1. Ahh thank you but it wasn't much tbh ;) Just me stringing together what I myself need to improve in my life.

      Thank you so much Gray <333

  6. Goodness, you do sound crazy busy! I hope your cold goes away soon; they're such a nuisance when times are crazy. Feel better soon. <3

    Also, thank you for these excellent tips! :)

    1. Oh yes! Thank you so much Melissa, that is so sweet of you ^.^ <3

      Thank you :) <3

  7. Awesome tips, Anna! Thanks for sharing. XD I needed these since starting next month, I have Kung Fu lessons three times a week, play practice twice a week, school, a government class on Wednesdays, and my dad's an elder at our church so we have church stuff. We'll make it, I think! *high-fives* Blessings!!! XD

    1. Wow that sounds so cool yet busy! Oh yes we will *high fives back* and I hope you have a great year doing all of those things :) Blessings to you too MEM :)

  8. Wow, I wouldn't survive on that schedule! You're a legend for fitting all that in, and being an active and awesome blogger as well. :D Thanks for the tips - and that TED talk sounds really good. My sister and I are both hanging out to watch it, haha, as soon as the internet allows.

    Hmm, I understand not doing anything while traveling would feel like a waste of time! I never used to be able to read or write while traveling, but now I can.. maybe it's something you could try in tiny doses and see if it gets easier?! Anyway, I hope you're feeling much better, and acing everything this week! xx

    1. It's quite tough!!! I usually just type up posts on Saturdays because of all the homework I have to cram in on Fridays. That would be me and my sister too :D tell me what you think, pretty simple but cool ideas right?

      That's a good idea! Like when we just start driving, I'll jot down a few things in my journal if i can. Thank you so much Jess! xoxoxox

  9. Oh goodness, life is crazy insane for you right now? I'm sending you some virtual chocolate, because... wow. You need it. o.o

    The tips you've listed are something I've been learning lately as my own life has gotten busier, so thank you for reminding me of them. I especially love "forethought," because I also plan out my day as I'm falling asleep. Or think about my story, or pray, or all of the above. :P

    One thing I've started doing in the car is listening to audiobooks! So then I can still squeeze in some reading with my commute. :D

    Hope life slows down soon for you, girl! <3

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. *gratefully accepts the virtual chocolate* THANK YOU KATIE <3

      I'm so glad they could help you and OMW yes, without forethought I may just succumb to being the natural mess I am. xD

      OK WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS!? *bangs head against palm* That's such a smart idea, I will definitely look into doing that...count on Katie Grace to come up with all the smartest bookish ideas ;)

      Thank you girl and good luck with upcoming Camp Nano! <3 xoxo

  10. Ooh these were super helpful tips!



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