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August 08, 2017

*trumpet calls from far off* 

Can you believe it...ONE DAY, and the website will be here!!! I cannot wait to open because it's going to be filled with all kinds of useful things for writers and readers. AND you are encouraged to submit, because we want to publish you and we want to hear your voice. 
Above all we are rebelling against low standards.
So...let's get to the most important part of our mission.
Our Message.

We believe
In light 
In truth
In goodness
We believe in tomorrow's generation
In creating a better world
Through words
Through books
We believe in fighting for what we believe
We believe in high expectations
That we are capable of anything we set our minds to
We the youth...
Believe in Rebellion
Rebellion for Righteousness
For light
For verity in a world of lies
For beauty in a world of darkness


Our INCREDIBLE team, gotta stick in some appreciation here. So forgive me for the length!

First off a big thank you and much respect to our leader Gray. I am currently studying ancient Greek orators. (and forgive me) But I can't help but correlate, she's got that determined spirit and the soapbox belongs to her. This is the ideal kind of leader. ;) Thanks for all you do Gray Marie Cox  

Audrey Caylin is our twitter helper and she has incredible advice to offer when it comes to writing. Above that she has always been so sweet and so helpful and I just want to give her a shoutout for that because just like one rotten apple ruins the rest, one sweet person can encourage and uplift the rest. Thank you for all you do Audrey Caylin

Clare makes things light and fun, and she is quick to volunteer and help in anyway she can. She also rocks at reviews and ardently supports the cause. It's been a lot of fun having you in the team. Thank you for all you do  Clare A.


Melissa is so sweet and thoughtful. She really deals well with the huge time zone gap, considering she always wakes up to our long email chains. :D She manages our twitter page spotlessly and everything she posts is so encouraging and helpful. Thank you for all you do Melissa Gravitis


Lila is so enthusiastic and filled with energy and it rubs off you, at least it definitely does for me! She really has a heart for the cause and is always grateful, In the busyness of the moment it's easy to get forgotten or drowned in the mechanics but Lila is the one that'll hand you the cool cup of water. Thank you for all you do Lila Red


Ok where do I start, Abby has been a saint keeping up with all the demands and what-not. She designed the website, counseled us on the technological aspects, marketing and came up with the smartest plans. This girl is one true entrepreneur! Heads up to her <3 Thank you for all you do Abigail Lennah


This person. She's been superhuman and always is the first to answer emails and questions. She brought the people to me in droves, so I could spend time organizing everything, designed our first video, came up with the Book Scout program...and the list could go on. She's not just our Pinterest manager, she is literally our warrior queen. ;) Thank you for all you do Catherine Hawthorne

Faith is our Facebook manager, and she is so helpful and sweet. I only got to know Faith later but she has so much encouragement and honest truth to offer, the things she posts over at her blog always hit the nail on the head! <3 Thank you for all you do Faith Thompson


Hey look it's me! *surprised face* Anyway I am happy to be here with all these amazing people and support this cause.(if you're interested I manage the Instagram)


SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow, follow! Great tips and encouragement lies ahead...


Shout to Gray for making these headers and thank you for reading! Please don't  hesitate to ask questions about the website and/or join in and do a blog tour! 
Rise up, O God, and defend your cause;
    remember how fools mock you all day long.

(Psalm 74:22)

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    Thank you for comparing me to the Greek orators, lol! BUT YOU NEED TO GIVE MORE CREDIT TO YOURSELF, GIRL! You've done so much, we seriously couldn't have done half of these things without you!!! <33

    1. EEEKK MEEE TOO!!! *flails*

      XD I'm glad you took it right.
      Thank you Gray, just being PART of this is everything:D <3 Thank you for posting that rant... ;)

    I can't believe its here tomorrow. *jumps up and down*
    I've seen all the social media. Y'all are awesome at what you do. I'm just so happy that its time. I always feel so inspired by y'all. Y'all rock!
    Can't wait to see the website tomorrow!

    1. AHHH ME TOO!!! *jumps around and throws confetti*
      THANKS Ivie! Definitely stick around and guest post and book scout for us sometimes! <3
      Can't wait either! EEP! I wonder what will happen! :) Thanks for commenting Ivie <3

  3. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! The website's only a day away!!

    Oh, now I'm blushing! That was so sweet of you to say all thise things about me! But, you didn't say enough about youself! Anna C. S. iș the one who always has an answer or a kind word to encourage all you say, she lights up our team!

    Thank you for all you do, Anna!!!!!!!

    1. Gah, how can time fly so fast! It gets me all the time!
      Look who's blushing now! *points to self* :D Thank you Clare <3 Seriously you all are so awesome I just HAD to say thanks, I'm blessed to be in such an epic team of people!

      <3 Thank you :)

  4. Anna, you are too sweet. Thank you so much. I'm so excited for this!

  5. it seriously one more day??? Still can't believe it....

    Amen to all the sentiments for the team members! They have done a fabulous job!
    awwwwwww.....*blushes* thank you for those kind words Anna!!! I'm glad I can be of assistance! (and I really really like that phrase 'warrior queen', just saying).


    1. I know right! Boy time flies! I keep saying it but IT'S TOO TRUE.

      They really have, each and every one! And of course, haha I'm glad because it fits you incredibly well. Your no nonsense, get-it-done spirit is what we need!

  6. I should look into this more sometime. It looks very interesting. :-)

    1. You should! feel free to ask question :) and you'll hear all about it tomorrow...

  7. SO PUMPED FOR THIS!! Y'all are doing awesome things <3333

    1. THANK YOU ABBIEE!!! Everyone's support on this is INCREDIBLE.

  8. ANNA!!! You are too sweet-- I do think that I may have gone overboard with some entrepreneur stuff, but then again, I do that kind of thing all the time when I'm at work. xD I'm so happy the site is finally up!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Noo! You were 10/10 Abby! <3 Your ideas and input were always innovative and professional, you're on point girl!
      SAME HERE, it's like a relief and I'm so excited to see what lies ahead! :)

  9. Wow! I can't wait for this! I'm so glad there are other people like me who are fighting, and want, quality teen literature.

    1. I know! I am SO LUCKY to be part of this team...and go check it out! find our website here! >>

  10. Okay, so this is a little late, but I just HAVE to stop by and say that what you did here, with the little notes to all the teammates, was amazing!!! Thanks a million for your sweet words, girl, and I 100% agree with everything you said about everyone else! Mind if I nab the idea and do something a tad bit similar sometime in the near future? XD

    1. OF COURSE girl! <3 Feel free to do that! And omw you guys, you all hold such a place in my heart and my fingers were bursting to say thank you <3 And I mean every word honestly <3 You are such a ball of sunshine Lila ^.^ xox You have no idea how happy this comment makes me.


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