Goodbye May, Hello June!

May 25, 2017

Hello wonderful, wonderful Readers!

So here we are at the end of May. I mean where does time go!!! I have so much going on this upcoming month...and I'm sure you all do too

-Two month long Summer Swim Team Camp
This thing is so, so, so intensive! I have to wake up at 5:30 every single weekday for a two hour swim practice. My 5 siblings are enrolled and its going to be so much fun (TEAM SPIRIT) but that means running an unrealistic amount of laundry every single day. Yikes...I'm dreading the thought. As well as afternoon land practices, clinics, and possibly I'll be volunteer coaching. We'll also be doing fun things like...mentors and secret siblings possibly. You know what! I'm not even going to think about, i'll just tackle it when it comes...(but Anna you can't even swim a 25 without panting!) Oh be quiet thoust little voice... *sighs* It's going to be tough keeping up with people who have been swimming for years when I've only been swimming for a few months. *tiny voice* Well...hard work and challenges...just have to be tackled sometimes. I'm just counting on Him...and extra working out hours.

-Going out of town for a weekend trip to my friend's house. 
Now this I'm really excited for! My whole family is going to our friends which we haven't seen in half a year, we're going to have a cookout and go hiking in the mountains, and I can't believe my friend is graduating. *sobs* I still remember us as little kids barely starting middle school. 

-Beach Trips.
Ahh...what is summer without those beach trips. Some of my best summer days circle around those memorable family trips. <3

Well moving on to wrap up this month...May has been a time of growth and discovery. It’s also been a month full of struggles, inner and outward for me. But I want to bring up this quote right here…

And it’s really true and profound! Sometimes we have to risk adventures to get anywhere. We can stay safe in our little cabins all our lives but we’ll never really get anywhere. You cannot understand life without making mistakes.

For my fellow writers you will understand the struggle of my real life example… I wrote almost 150 pages of first draft and it got scrapped, because yes it was not working and I felt God telling me it wasn’t meant to be. (guilty face for the waste of time and paper) What a waste of time, I really felt depressed after that but I realized something. Hey! If I hadn’t written that draft and learned about how writing works in general and for me, I might be further back. Actually, A LOT further back.

Another amazing thing...I had a dream which to me was a really, really amazing break through. For years I had been sent on missions down a dark staircase which I was terrified to descend and failed time after time, last night I finally went down the stairs, but the difference? The stairwell was not dark anymore, sunlight streamed through. I don’t quite know what it means to my life yet but it is significant because this dream has been one of the most terrifying thing that has been returning to me often and for at least 3 years. And it didn’t mean much to me until I had this dream. I can’t describe how I felt after this dream…it was so, so, so liberating.

April was letting go and if I could shortly describe May it would be painful growth. Flowers must grow through dirt but I realize weeds must do that too. What distinguishes one from weed or flower is how graciously they take that painful growth. And I must admit…I don’t take always take it very graciously, so does that make me a dandelion? (half smile)  A good quote I try to remember in my outward life is “Praise Loudly, Correct Softly.” I admit to having a problem of scolding, I am a firstborn and it’s a tendency of mine to SCOLD and get HORRIFIED instead of remaining calm and addressing the problem constructively. Another thing that has helped me immensely is regular prayer, I pray every single morning for my family, myself, my church, my friends, and anyone else that may be in my heart.  And wow it has made a HUGE difference, I notice if I forget in the morning everything goes wrong until I remember to go to God.  By God’s grace I haven’t skipped a single day and I realize I don’t ever want to. Try it out and see what miracles enter your life.

Well! That’s me, now...monthly recommendations and YOU!

1. Book of the Month 
Cry, the Beloved Country.
A truly beautiful work about South Africa, the lyricism is incredible and the story searingly beautiful. If you want to read anything about South Africa this is it. They contrast between the people of different colors and behaviors is so masterfully weaved. The plot is tender and simple yet deep. A classic and if all you read is YA and thriller novels you may not enjoy this. Just warning!
2. Music or Artist of the Month
Such an underrated artist! She has gorgeous music and such a soothing voice that is great for inspiration and relaxation when writing (especially if you write fantasy) . As a huge Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fan, her music written especially for fans is...AHHHMAZING! Please go check her out and subscribe to her channel, she is an incredible artist!

3. Food/Drink of the Month 
Herbal Tea.
I have been enjoying making personal blends this month from Mountain Rose Herbs . I make blends like green tea/spearmint tea in tall mason jars and then add ice cubes, mint leaves, lime juice, and lime slices. Aesthetic, delicious, and healthy! It's a great why to get hydrated, just don't use black tea, it has alot of caffeine and is an astringent. Stick to herbals for good results and skip the sugar, you'll get so much more energy and clearer skin.

4. Question of the Month
Do your thoughts ever really bother you? Do you ever get drowned in your own web of personal thoughts and imagination?
I'm choosing this question because I've been especially struggling with it this month.  

Share with me! Please, please, please. I want to hear everything you have to say below :) How was May and what are you planning for June?
Just keep it clean and remember to check back because I answer all my comments.


What would you like to be seeing around here this month?
Contests? Posts? Tags? Challenges?
SHARE BELOW. I would love to hear your ideas!

 But those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.
(Isaiah 40:31)


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  1. It was really nice to know about your life. Well, its amazing. I think you are one of the best writers I have ever seen. Don't get your work scrapped. Just keep it saved and you can use it later on. I heartily wish to read all your books. Because if your blog is such an amazing then how much incredible your books would be.

    1. That's so nice of you. Don't worry, I keep it saved some where. Even my worst work is saved. :) It's strange that I never saw this comment until now...for some reason.
      Oh well haha, now I saw it and it made my day. :)


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