Day Four: Collin Church // Solivagant

April 06, 2018

Dismembered flies on his bookshelf 
Cremated ladybugs on the floor 
 Homemade napalm in his toy chest
 Bloodstained thumbtacks ‘neath the door 

 The target practice is potsherd 
Now the assassin lies in wait 
With a slingshot aimed at a songbird 
 That is about to meet its fate 

He tattooed his face with war paint 
He grew up bigger than his prey 
Morality was no restraint 
And he locked his conscience away 

He bare-knuckle brawled in the kitchen 
And beat you to show that he can
Now three of his teeth are missing 
But that makes him more of a “man” 

His head was an echo chamber 
He was overwhelmed by silence
And fears too painful to remember 
So he fought it all back violence 

Voices overflowed his mind 
His own thoughts became a cage 
His manic hatred made him blind 
His soul was consumed with rage 

He went back to his childhood home 
And struck match against his foot 
He cast it into the gaping tomb 
And reduced the place to soot 

He burned away the memories 
His broken past was lost 
He conquered all his enemies 
But at what terrible cost?

 Can a killer be forgiven? 
 Can you repair what you destroy? 
 Is he a monster and a villain? 
 Or is he just a misguided boy?

 Collin is a 16 year old from Western New York. He wrote his first poem at age thirteen and it was love at first sight. His other loves include reading, storytelling, paradoxes, oxymorons, peculiar metaphors, and Oxford commas. He would love to get in touch with you on Twitter (@collinliberated). He's a monthly contributor to a Christian blog:

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  1. Wow, this is amazing, Colin. I love it. Very descriptive.

    Anna, your graphic game is on FIRE! This series has given me a new love of poetry, something my high school language arts destroyed. Thank you for that. <3


  2. I'm shook......... Wow I really love this!


  3. Wow. I love poems that tell deep stories. That's so sad, but true, too!

  4. I honestly loved this. So much that I can't put my thoughts into words. Good job to the poet who wrote this

  5. The use of rhyme is on point here. I almost feel bad for the man the poem is about, and I love that it ends with a question. It leaves you to wonder and pops up in your mind as you daydream. Brilliant job by the poet!

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. Thank you! Your kind words mean a lot! I'm glad you found my poem thought provoking. That is the highest compliment you could've given.

  6. This is amazing (yet very dark.)

    1. Thank you! Sometimes darkness can amplify the light!

  7. Hi Anna, I just tagged you over at my bloggie! ;)

  8. AAH, I loved that!!! It was so sad and heartbreaking. </3

    (Btw; I'm really sorry I haven't been on your blog in a while; my family is moving and we've been crazy busy. :-Z Sorry 'bout that!)

  9. Wow. Beautiful and sad. Enlightening and dark.
    I love your play with words and contrasting ideas. This is a powerful poem, Collin.

  10. Wow. I'm failing to find other words. This is amazingly crafted, chilling, and


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