April Announcements // SURPRISE COMING UP

March 30, 2018

 *imagine header*

{ *cries because I can't even insert any pics in this post*}

Hello my frens!

Today's post is going to be (very) short and sweet. As many of you know I'm dealing with butchered wifi and loading and working on any online things is becoming a pain. Also with April nano coming up I will be taking a hiatus all month to focus on writing and finishing this school year strong. BUT I have an announcement to make. The FIRST week of April I am going to have a surprise on the blog! I've partnered with some incredible poets to bring you a collaborative week of poetry. This will happen on the first week of April and after that POOF I will disappear. Also I deeply apologize but I will probably not be able to answer to your comments because of my wifi issue. But despite that I love y'all and will be reading your comments. Thank you for sticking with me. :)

{ *cries even more because, hey no arrows today...*}


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  1. That sounds EPIC, Anna. <3 I hope you have a wonderful hiatus. <3 Hopefully the wifi clears up for y'all.

  2. Squeak! I can't believe it's almost time for Camp!! I'm so excited!

    I hope your hiatus is great and that your wifi problem gets figured out. The collab sounds awesome, though! Can't wait!

  3. Ah, I totally understand horrible wifi times ;/ The poetry sounds fun! ;D

  4. I hope that your wifi situation gets better! Can't wait for the poetry! =)

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

  5. EEEEP excited for the poetry! It sucks not being able to upload pictures to a blog post, I know :)

    Have a wonderful haitus!

  6. *smacks Anna's naughty internet* shame on it for causing trouble!

    I can't wait for the poetry next week!


  7. This sounds so cool! Can't wait!!! :D


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