The Song in your Heart

November 03, 2017

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I'm going to start this post with a confession...I, like the moon, go through many phases. I wane in on a certain thing I like to do and then somedays that thing I like receives the darkness of my absence.
Maybe even dark hate or exhaustion.

I am by nature erratic, I cannot stay chained to one thing for long...I crave to be surrounded by and participate in not one thing but MANY.

There is only one thing that ties me permanently to anything and that is love.
I am deeply woven to those people and things by a simple warm feeling of attachment.

speaking of love I then move on to the things we as bloggers often refer to when we speak of "love"


faith // writing // art // music // etc.

Yet often I have found myself chained to my passions.
Much of this past year has involved a love/hate relationship with writing. 

Not the writing I do, 
but the writing I was being told to do

the plot forming,
the character development,
the theme...

Those were great things to explore but in the process I began listening to the noise all around me...I was losing the God given song in my heart.

I was watching others dance and copying them while I should have been dancing my dance...

But today I'm not going to just talk about writing...I'm going to talk about EVERYTHING that your life consists of...something that will change everything you do, down to those things you are passionate about.

if you listen very'll find that song.

That song is something God put in each of us

and many of us aren't following it.

Instead we're following the noise

In fact many of us fight our song, we try to beat on it and trample it away...we try to forget it ever existed or we get lost in so much noise that we truly forget.

But it's still there

It's song hums begging to be released into full color

From its soft start it begs to grow into a rich tune
A tune that is given permission to encircle your life and splash its vibrant colors on everything you do

Today...Tomorrow, every single day.

I want you to listen, maybe even pause and find that gentle song

And when you find it...

I want you to let it grow

I want you to pray for God to reveal that song He put in your heart

To awaken its chords into full harmony

But boy it's going to be hard

There are going to be days the noise screams in your head and Satan whispers his little lies...his tantalizing temptations

There are going to be days you will stumble and it will hurt badddly

 There are going to be days when you stray down the wrong path, following the noises and it will be so difficult to find your song again.

There are going to be days where the people you love most will put you at a follow the song or not?

There are even going to be days where you doubt your song and in those days you'll have to pray...hard. You'll have to ask God's guidance, His hand in your life. His tune in your heart.

But trust me on one thing?

You will be so happy you chose it.

Guys! I miss you all! Life has been so busy for me always haha.  It feels so funny being so emerged with people after being a stay at home...homeschooler. My extrovert self is liking it but gah I am so short of time these days!
How's Nano going for you all? How's LIFE? :)
Let's all chat below! <3

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  1. Can I just say that this is amazing and I wish I could write like you!! I have no words.....
    This was exactly what I needed to hear.


    1. You write beautifully Lilah! <3 Thank you so so much, I'm glad it could help you. xoxo

  2. You always have the most relevant, gorgeously written posts. <3 Thank you for all you reminders, big and small. <333

    1. Thank you dear <3 I feel the same way about your posts ^.^ xxx

  3. This post is amazing and gorgeous in everyway possible, you just voiced the inner struggle I think most people deal with in such a sweet way.

    1. It is such an inner struggle! Thank you so much Gray <3

  4. Meanwhile, Anna casually blows us all away with her words. Seriously, I've heard the song analogy before, but not like this. I really like how you bring God and the fight for truth into it. I'm going to ask Him to make the song more vivid in my life. Thank you! xx

    Also, hey! It's so nice to read a post from you. But I know what you mean about the time shortage. I hope life has been a good kind of busy. :)

    1. Oh Jessica, I'm so glad this could help you <3 You're making me blush with your words ^.^

      YES, as you can see...I have taken an unheavenly long time to reply to these comments. It really has :)

    This is beautiful and musical and inspiring and exactly what we all need to hear. A huge hug from me to you!!!!!

    1. A huge hug from me to you! <3 Thank you so much Kara xxx

  6. Such an inspiring post that I needed to read today. Thank you for the inspiring words you write. <3


  7. This is gorgeous Anna. Thank you. <3

  8. This is so beautiful and inspiring, Anna!

    -Madeline Joy

    1. Thank you so much Madeline <3 It's so nice to see you on my blog xxx

  9. This one gets me right here *taps heart* I've been struggling with writing these past few months, and I NEEDED these words. Thank you, Anna!


    1. Oh boy I feel you on that struggle! This has been so hard for me too <3

      Thank you for your sweet words Catherine! <3

  10. *jaw drops*

    *heart twinges*

    *eyes close, absorbing the beauty and encouragement of these words*

    Thank you, Anna. <3

  11. Hey, beautiful post :D and NaNo is great 20k words down :D

    1. WOOHOOO! Way to go Keturah! 20k words in five days is amazing!

      Thank you for reading :)

  12. Hey, love this post, Anna! It was beautiful. :-D Life is...crazy...and good...(those really shouldn't go together ;-D). I'm participating in a Martial Art show on Saturday, so I'm training pretty hard for that. :-D

    1. Hahah you are right! ;) But that's the way it is...
      WOW! You're gonna have to tell me how that went! That sounds so cool...

      Thank you so much for sharing and commenting M. E. M.! xox

  13. Anna, this is wonderful. ^.^ Truly.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Thank you so much Abby ^.^ It's so nice to see you around <3 Hope the senior year is going well for you :) xxx


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