From the Void // Anna comes back to the blogosphere

October 13, 2017

In pinecones I glimpse my own human nature, the layers that make up the fabric of my existence and there too I see the marvelous design of my Creator.
- Anna C. S.
{ pics all via pinterest }

•  Midnight Waves (album) by Canyon City • Brave New World (album) by Amanda Cook • Luthien's Lament by Eurielle • LOTR soundtrack duh ;P • Getting Lighter by Goldmund • Ruby by Ira Wolf • Sparrow by Miika Mettianein • Indodana by Stellenbosch University Choir • Angels We Have Heard On High by Piano Guys ft. Peter Hollens, David Archuleta • Frank Sinatra • Starry Starry Night by Josh Groban • Walking in the Air by Celtic Women • Stronger by Sam Robertson (song for the Las Vegas victims)  •

 Silmarillon • The Alchemist • Emily Dickinson's Poems • How Green Was My Valley • School Books haha especially my big fat biology book

Spiderman Homecoming 2017  • Courageous • IT creepy but good at the same time << that coming from someone who never watches horror movies

• went away from home for two weeks babysitting  • went apple picking heyy Ivie I had an apple cider slushie! Are you proud of me? xD  • got A's on every single assignment and tests << I feel this first quarter optimism isn't gonna last for long hehe • met some incredible people and made friends, working on getting over my social anxiety • did some song writing and composing • took time off blogging and writing to enjoy real life and see the seasons pass • got hooked to scrapbook journaling! possible pics & ideas coming soon • made pumpkin pie <3 • CANYON CITY REPLIED ME ON TWITTER AHAHAHAHA •

Ack guys! I've been gone so long and I really do miss you all <3 Not reading your posts and interacting with everyone has left me up some nights thinking about more than one of you. I wish I could bake you all pumpkin pie and we could sit around and catch up on steaming mugs of apple cider but ahh since we can't just imagine we are! ;)

  So how do you all like my new blog theme! For some weird reason the pages feature is messing with me...if anyone has ideas or solutions do let me know :). 

Honestly it's been a wildly busy time...some of you who I email and chat on twitter probably know the situation but to those who don't I am veryyyy busy with school and I just finished two weeks of babysitting away from home while juggling projects and homework. However my time away from home taught me some important things...we writers need to get out of our little nooks and wander, we need to take up odd jobs and meet new people...we need to get out of our shell and feel life. This period of time has given me so so so much inspiration that I am only too sorry to not be able to channel at the moment. TRUST ME, do it! Get out of your comfort zone...stop staring at the screen and explore this beautiful fall season. Go cook! Doodle, paint, do creative things! 

IT"S SOOO much better than spending the free time on goodreads or twitter or pinterest (no this isn't betrayal!!! xD). 

 Hopefully I still post every Saturday and if I don't you know what's up...*growls* life...

The extent of my writing this month (no not a new WIP just a rabbit trail)

Fear is the thing with feathers. It flies and whirls in the air of your heart, in the depth of the earth’s soul and it does not stop. Dashing it’s sweeping colors it seduces even the wisest. From Pandora’s box it swept out into the corners of the world to never be captured again. For fear is the wild woman you followed willingly to your sweetly imagined death. Yet when it came it was cold and terrible, filled with icy regrets and the fires of your own foolish passions. Ahh your wisdom is foolishness, ahh your ideas are lies…for you are a man without a heart that is better to be kept than the handsome head on your shoulders. 

She too was this way, she too had been beguiled by the many faces of fear. She had given him her world on a platter to conduct as he saw fit, all in the name of fate. Ugly fate begone, begone from the lies that live upon each other’s backs. For when your name and your beloved fear is forgotten, then will the eyes of many be brought to God’s truth. 


She trembled as her back slid down against the peach colored wall. The warmth of the pink bundle in her arms colored her cold uncovered neck. Slowly it crept up her bones bringing tingling love to every corner of her thin body. 

“Sinon.” The ragged voice of Avah’s mother made Sinon quiver with surprise. The heavy trod of Madame’s oxford boots descended down the wooden staircase. 

The moonlight threatening to pour out of the entrance window shone on Madame. The blue light illuminated the woman’s round face…her sunken amber eyes. As she descended lower the light flickered on her square jaw and sighed over her premature wrinkles. “Madame…” Sinon’s voice came out in a weak whisper.

“The twins are asleep, you can go.” 

Sinon’s legs were weak from rocking the child. Her limbs trembled as she tried to stand up. She grunted, her lips barely opening to let out the tiny sound. 

“Here Madame, she is asleep.” Her eyes filled with pain as her hesitating hands slid the bundle into the mother’s arms.

“Bien, good.” Madame nodded and a coarse strand of black hair slid out of her bun.

 ^^^ What do you all think??? Should I continue this as a short story? Where do you see it going... (actually reaaaally want to hear your thoughts)
Well written or not?

How are you??? What's going on for you? Are you doing Nano, what are you writing about? 
What do you think of my little piece of writing up there...and HEY here is a great thingie I found on don't have to do it but if you want to I'll definitely give you a list of things haha

For I know the plans I have for you,”
 declares the Lord
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
(Jeremiah 29:11)

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  1. I'm so happy your back, Anna!:) *hugs*
    And I love your short story, I love the Dialogue.

    1. I'm so happy to be back :) *hugs back*
      Thank you!!! I feel like the dialogue isn't too bright but that's sweet of you :)))

  2. Ahhh, I've missed you! So glad to see you back :)

    1. I'm so happy to be back! I missed you as well ^.^ *hugs and hands you a cup of cheer*

  3. I'VE MISSED YOU!!! And yes, I'm proud of you. A slushie sounds awesome right now, but I can't have one. :/ (Allergies making me feel sick again. :/ )

    Okay, so I had the same problem with my pages. What you need to do is go on over to the html. Then you'll hit the thing that says reset widgets and it will give you an option of which ones to reset. DO NOT RESET HEADER1 OR PAGES1.

    Also, if there's any other widgets you worry about, don't select them. After that, reset and the pages will fix. Its odd, but it worked for me. :D

    Glad to see you're back! <3


    1. I"VE MISSED YOU TOO DEAR IVIE! Aw :( What a pity...I really hope you get better soon, I also had a really bad cold/allergies earlier and it hit me in the most inconvenient time. <3 Sending lots of prayers and virtual chicken soup your way xD

      Oh dear, I am so happy you know the solution to the pages...if I can't figure it out myself by what you said I may have to email you because I am NO techie. Thank you so much for taking the time to type all that out haha,you're a lifesaver!

      I'm so happy to be back too ^.^ <3


    Aaaahhh, Anna, your snippet has me SO intrigued. XD XD Yes, yes, write more!!! Your style is one of the most beautiful I have EVER been lucky enough to see - I kid you not.

    Ack, life! I feel you. Just remember, friend, God has placed you where you are. He's got a plan and a purpose in all your busyness, and apparently He's bee showing you lovely things through that!

    <3 <3 <3

    1. *blushes profusely* AHHH where do I start...your comment is making my face crack up into a ridiculously huge smile.

      Such true words Lila...God is so much bigger than our little plans and our little minds. I CAN"T WAIT to be reading your posts again my fren :D <3 Gah I'm so lucky to have y'all in my life. xoxox Sending many hugs your way.

  5. Yay you're back!!! Missed you. *hugs*
    Things have been half busy, half calm over here, with me vigorously editing my third draft between school days, but I still somehow have brief pockets of peace? It's weird but awesome. <3

    1. *hugs back* I've missed you too Melissa! Also missed reading your nuggets of wisdom and inspirational posts!
      WOW that's great Melissa, I'm so happy you are finding time to write...and juggling school at the same time :) It's always sweet to find that perfect balance in life and you are rocking it!

  6. YOU'RE BACK! :D *hugs* I missed you and your lovely posts!!!

    Ooh, and I also like the new blog look!

    1. ME TOO! *hugs back*

      Thank youuu! And I love your new blog look too! It's so professional and neat!

  7. Hi, Anna!!! *hugs* Missed you, dear!!

    I love the new theme! And your snippet is really cool...wish there was a little more background!

    I agree that we writers need to come out of the shell sometimes, but what happens when the world chases us back in? (I've kinda been dealing with this for the past few weeks - the shell is coming back full force because of the grad school disaster).


    1. Hey Catherine! *hugs* I've honestly missed you too... <3

      Thank you! Yes it definitely needs some developing and's a very pantser-like work!

      I think in those situations we need to stick close to family and close never hesitate to stop what we are doing to help family out because though it can be highly annoying at first there is a deep reward that comes later. Family and friends will be much more likely to hear you out and stop what they are doing when you have a problem when they know you care. (I really don't mean to imply you don't! I am kind of preaching to myself because I myself tend to get irritated when family interrupts my writing or personal activities) Also possibly spending time alone outside for inspiration...just switching up your writing atmosphere or needed breaks. Everything in moderation basically.

      <3 But I get where you are...because I've been there myself and even though it wasn't half as serious it was quite a painful process, I'll definitely be praying for you Catherine. xxx Sending plenty of hugs and virtual apple pie your way! :)

  8. Hey you! I haven't been a part of your blog too long but I missed you and your fun posts. Lately I've been listening to the band Fiction Family as well as anything indie or folk. Also I've been eating lots of homemade caramel....too much. Haha.
    Glad you're back!

    1. I do miss reading your posts as well Kara! And no matter how long you've been here you are part of the family ;)
      Same! Some of the songs I've listed up there are indie and folk...I'm always frantic for good new songs, some of my personal indie/folk favs are "Canyon City" and the tracks by "Ira Wolf" & "Goldmund". Feel free to email me for more suggestions or just to chat about!

      oooh! Homemade caramel sounds incredible! Can I come over??? xD

      Glad to be back! Thanks for commenting Kara Lynn! xxx

  9. YAY YOU'RE BACK!!!!! =D =D =D And I love your new blog theme! It's so clean and modern and cute! =)

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. THANK YOU MICAIAH!!!! You can't compare my blog to yours though! You are queen of cute and organized <3

  10. Hello!! It's nice to see a post from you, although I completely understand life being life, so don't feel bad about taking a break! :)

    And I really like that great thingie you found on twitter. ;) I associate you with pine forests, and miniature flowing streams, and walks during golden hour (in the pine forest next to the stream), and peaceful music, and honest words. You're deep. It kind of sounds weird when I put it out like that - perhaps it's the vibes from your novel moodboards, or your blog's themes. But wherever they came from, I like them. :)

    1. :) Life is a busy thing sometimes and I feel the same about your posts :) I always enjoy seeing them but when I don't I definitely understand why...we're both in the same boat!

      Wow, the music in your words Jessica... *blushes* these are words I am definitely printing down onto paper. And no it doesn't sound weird...honestly I always think of everyone having their own type of word moodboard, in a way we all have a certain aura about us that bounces off others and I sense that with almost everyone I come across. It's quite a fresh way of looking at people honestly.

      I would associate you with blue mountains and colorful sunsets (the rainbow ones)...with blushing golden apples from an orchard in the evening, with feet walking on a worn road, hair golden with sunlight streaming through, eyes filled with depth and pain yet joy at the same time, with songs like "Getting Lighter" by Goldmund...I associate you even with (and don't laugh) a wise sage. Young on the outside that cannot hide the old soul inside. Blessed with wisdom from God like sunshine on a growing seedling...quite honestly I could go on but those are the things I really associate you with. <3 :)

    2. It is a fresh perspective to think about - I think I'm going to apply this idea to other people I know. Thanks for the inspiration!

      And wow, oh my goodness. You are too kind, and you have no idea how much those words mean to me. I always wonder how I come across, and you list some of my favourite things, and make it sound so poetic. I believe I shall copy that paragraph into my journal. So thanks for the encouragement - it really all comes from God though. He's making a masterpiece out of each one of us. xx

    3. P.s Thanks for the song too. :)

    4. Thank you for all the inspiration you've given me! <3
      You are absolutely can be so encouraging to recieve a fresh outlook from others. You are truly wise Jessica and I'm blessed to have you in my life :) <3 You've made me think about so many new things and encouraged me in so many ways.

  11. Omw...THAT SNIPPET. KEEP WRITING IT. It's so wonderful <33

    I'm still considering doing nano...I have a project in mind, kinda plotted, but I'm still working on another draft right now. We'll see. Are you doing it?

    I know this isn't on twitter, but I associate sunshine, smiles, and sweaters with you. I think Broken Vessels/Amazing Grace by Hillsong United too, and a breeze blowing through trees. <3

    1. AHHH THANK YOU! <3

      You just have to go with what works for you! I definitely can't this season but camp nano will be waiting when I'm ready!

      :) That's so pretty, I'll have to listen to that song...

      I associate you with bright colors, butterflies, morning mist, bubbling brooks, outfits in all colors of the rainbow, a contagiously sweet smile, sparkling eyes and fireflies!

  12. Ooh I'm listening to Canyon City right now and really enjoying it! Thanks for the recommendation. :D

    I'M GLAD YOU'VE BEEN SURVIVING, THOUGH. I've thought about your crazy schedule a few times throughout the month, and it must be so exhausting. You're such an encouragement and positive soul, Anna! (also, I really love the new design. Especially the arrows. Arrows are great. xD)

    Ooh, words I associate you with? Hmm...

    snow-tipped mountains, crunching pinecones under brown boots, calming indie music, a sunset over a field of sunflowers, little chirps from morning birds, colors of fall, a mind made of words, looping letters on a faded journal

    There's what came to mind. I don't know the reasoning behind all of them, but... there you go. xD

    katie grace
    a writer's faith


      D'awww you are the encouragement Katie! xxx Your presence is a little writerly sun to our world. YES arrows are totally the best! :)

      ooooh, my head is lost in the layers of your words...these are going down in my journal!

      And as for you...I associate you with...
      maple syrup, birch trees, skies filled with sparkling galaxies, crunchy snow, worn paths, a wooden pencil, ink squeaking onto clean paper, the murmuring of the wind in the trees and the warbling of birds, sun streaming through ethereal leaves and the gentle tap of typewriters, warm sweaters and chopped hair, irresistible giggles and bittersweet music

      whoa i couldn't help the long list!!! ^ xD But you deserve every single one of those rambling words.

  13. I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!! *hugs*
    Love your new style of blog!!!!!!!!!! XD
    That snippet was AWESOME and I think you should totally keep going with it!!! :-D I'm starting a pirate adventure novel with school. No, I can't do Nano this year, but I hope to next year! XD
    I love Courageous, and can't wait to watch Spider-Man! Silmarillion is an awesome book. :-D
    I associate you with fall leaves, the color auburn (don't really know why), arrows, the ocean, and a drinking a mug of tea while wrapped in a blanket. XD
    That's a cool little thingie. ;-D

    1. MEM xD *tackle hugs you back*


      OK! I think I def will whenever I have time :)))) Ooooh wow that sounds super interesting, we'll have to talk about that! Or tell us about it on your blog...I'm rlly interested! :)

      Spider man is great and so is Courageous! I still laugh over the "I love you" policeman part. AND ABSOLUTELY IT IS.

      AHH you flatter me, those are like the best things ever <3_<3 :))) Haha isn't it?

      And I associate you with...
      worn wood, middle earth, mist over shire like hills, a sweeping cape and a dramatic presence, Irish music, adventures, old weapons, earthy colored clothes with pops of color, warm lights and warm drinks on cool evenings, the color of deeeeeep green, snarky hilarious remarks :)))

    2. *hugs back* XD
      I think I'm going to definitely post about it on my blog once I've written the synopsis. :-D
      Yes, that is a hilarious part! XD
      Aw, I love those things you associated me with! Those are perfect! XD


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