Goodbye June, Hello July!

June 29, 2017

Hello my wonderful peeps! <3

I am still struggling to understand how June is over and I'm certain I'm not the only one! So what's going on this month for me? Lots!

* Summer Swim Camp

This is insanely fun and a huge challenge! So basically every single morning minus weekends I wake up at an insane five and go to morning practice for two hours, then come back in the afternoon for one hour or more of land practices/clinics. This is all in preparation to compete with local leagues. INSANE.
But so, so much fun! I've made some great friends and really challenged myself beyond what I though I could ever do, also my siblings and I have grown so much closer and more team oriented through this experience. Plus the added bonuses of getting tan, plenty of vitamin d and not feeling like a vegetable. Try writing after intense exercise, it leaves you with a clear, open mind.

*Writing my novel/Camp Nano
Read more about The Spirit Girl here. As far as camp nano goes I can't wait for it to start and I wonder how it will go, to be honest I really have never done this before. *nervous smile of anticipation* .

I'm turning seventeen in eleven days! Eeeek!!! Where does time go?

*Rebellious Writing 
Am currently working like crazy along with teammates to get this website out to the public by August 9th which is national book lover's day! Look up #RebelliousWriting and support the movement on your own blogs and social media :).

*Tbr's and all the other little insanities that come with summer.


And those pictures of the beach trip I promised. :) May your summer be even more beautiful than mine has been ;)


It started out when I was sitting on my bed, bedecked by the usual stack of crumpled papers, notebooks, binders, and planner scattered across the comforter.  I had started the month with high expectations which by the mid of June... *whispers* crumbled. It happens dear reader, it happens. We plan ambitious lists and plans, we dream big  and aspire highly and then one little bad day can bring our high and mighty aspirations down to grovel before us in mockery. It was at that point that a voice in my head spoke loud and clear "True hope doesn't lose with the battle!". And right then I threw down my pen and stared up at the sky through my bedroom window in awe because I was hit with a whole lot of thankfulness to God for that realization.
 Plans fail. Things happen. Circumstances bring you down. But dear, if you have true hope deep down in your heart, please don't let it die out with your battle. He fights your battles! Give your burden to Him, His yoke is easy and His burden is light. <3 He has so much more for you than you can ever know. Remember that.

1. Book/Author of the Month
Terri L. Fivash. This author is incredible and has played a huge part in my life. Her historically  accurate biblical retellings have never failed to leave me with tears and laughter and teach me about what it means to "walk with the Lord". As well as being huge lessons, they are written with plot twists and OMW moments. Begin with "Joseph" or "Ruth and Boaz" and work your way down her series. You will be left amazed! Her books are truly amazing and have taught me a lot. Do know that as these are accurate to the Bible, there will be some gore as well as marriage related parts that are meant for older audiences. However I can vouch for the tastefulness of the content and its masterful handling.
2. Song or Artist of the Month
"Oh God, Forgive Us" by For King and Country. A needed message in our overwhelming lives to remember who we serve.
3. Food of the Month
Guacamole! I have the most stellar recipe below, it changed me from someone who hated guacamole into guac obsessed.

 4 Ripe Avocados, mashed.
3 Small campari type tomatoes, diced.
Half a small red onion, diced.
A bunch of cilantro, chopped.
Two limes, squeezed. 
Salt and optional pepper to taste.

Mix together and bring on the tortilla chips!  

4. Question of the Month
Why do we have hope in tomorrow? (this is the upcoming poem/short story contest subject, so if you are interested in entering than you may write those and keep them private in preparation for the contest! :)
 What do you think? How's your summer going? What have you learned this month? Share Below! Whatever you have to say I always really appreciate the messages you leave on my page! <3 :) 

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, 
for I am gentle and humble in heart, 
and you will find rest for your souls.
For my yoke is easy
 and my burden is light.
(Matthew 11:29-30) 

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  1. You know, your blog is always so encouraging. Sounds like July is going to be fun for you!
    June has been a kind of troubled month for me. Graduating high school and not really having a plan on what's next really takes a toll.

    Seventeen?! Enjoy it while it lasts because once you graduate, everything just kind of feels different and for me its been a little hard. But, God's got great plans.

    That guacamole recipe looks awesome. I'll have to show my mom. She loves avocados. I'm allergic, unfortunately, so I can't eat it. It's really too bad because I know they're healthy.

    Are you holding a writing contest? Or is it a contest for something else? (I got a little confused.)

    God bless you! <3

    1. I'm so glad It's encouraging! And when i saw your comment i was like YAY it's Ivie XD <3

      You know? As far as graduating, people rush you but don't let anyone force you into going to college or making hasty decisions. Take your time Ivie <3 pray alot and I'll be praying for you too <3. I know how you feel, I am the eldest and I struggle in this aspect too, my parents stress over me and I am one grade behind as I am sort of the "guinea pig" of my family's homeschool journey. :) I used to be so stressed about it, but I realized God just lays the path out for you when its meant to be and that I don't need to be like everyone else.

      Aww too bad that you're allergic to avocados but I hope your mom likes it! It sure is yummy! :)

      And yes it is for an upcoming writing contest! (I just kind of gave a heads up to anyone who wanted to prepare ahead of time)

      God Bless you too Ivie and I hope you have an AWESOME July! <3



    2. Thank you! You're so sweet.

      I'm not rushing into college. I actually don't plan to go as of right now. I never know what the Lord will lead me to do, but for now, I see so many people go off to college and get messed up that I don't want to do that.

      I was the guinea pig, too! Being the eldest also has a lot of (self-induced) pressure. Don't worry about being a grade behind. Everything works out the way its meant to.

      I'm allergic to a lot of weird things. To make it even weirder, no one else in my family has these allergies. I'm sure its somewhere down the line, but not anyone I know of.

      God bless you, too! <3

    3. Of course, you are sweet! <3 That is a good outlook and I really agree with you on that fact. <3 People just rush things so fast in this age...

      Hmm...allergies are strange things. I have read a bit about them and I guess it probably has to do with the switch in food purity (gmo's etc.) and also minimizing the exposure to the elements (such as children playing in the dirt and consuming some too XD) But anyway enough of my health ramblings :P



    4. I don't mind health ramblings. I guess it could have to do with exposure. My mom was wondering the same thing. I have problems with some nuts (Almonds, only so far, but I'm scared of other nuts) except for peanuts because I was eating peanut butter even before I was one. It wasn't considered bad yet and my family loves peanut butter.

      One of the other weird foods is watermelon. Yes, the fruit that is mostly water. I can't believe I'm allergic to it. It actually causes problems with my throat, which is really annoying because people talk about eating watermelon in the summer. There's a few more, but to go into the whole list would be too much, lol.

      I think exposure to some things help build an immunity. I really love the idea of health as in healthy living and learning about what's actually healthy. There's some stuff out there with claims to be healthy, but they aren't.

      Yes, I have a neighbor who rushed his daughter off to college (an expensive one) and she seems to have some issues that they try to brush under the rug. I feel bad for her. I just decided that I would figure out where God was leading me instead of what the world expects me to do.

      This was super long. Sorry, lol. Oh, and happy early birthday. :D

    5. Another thing I've heard of is that allergies have to do with fear...I know that sounds really weird but I have done extensive reading into different kind of ailments and what problems link to them. Things like cancer have been healed miraculously because someone got rid of their anger or something like that. Also when I have anxiety I am more prone to breakouts...
      And I agree with healthy living! it's really a big interest for me...I think health is a balance of inside and outside.

      The college thing has been repeated with so many people and I agree with your choice! Kudos to you! It is better to stay quiet for a while and meditate on God's choice for your life. <3 You hang in there, someday you'll look back and see it was a necessary phase of life to tackle.

      And I LOVE long comments haha, so you are totally good and thank you for the birthday wish <3

    6. Okay, good. I tend to start going into long comments, lol.
      Also, I used your contact form to email you, but I'm not sure if it came in. I just wanted to let you know. I wasn't sure if it worked.

      I love healthy living. Moderation and balance is important. I've heard of carrot juice curing cancer. A few people have done that. I personally think a cure has been found, but doctors would loose money if they revealed what the cure was. I also think there's more natural methods. Of course, that might not work for everyone, but people should really consider it. The medicine, such as chemo and radiation harms our bodies. There isn't any harm in trying something that is good for your body.

      There I go again, ranting. *sighs*

      I've been having some problems with stress and anxiety lately and I break out a little more because of it.

      College is something a lot of people feel the need to do. I'd rather find my interests and start a business. I agree that this a necessary phase of life.

      God bless you and thank you for your encouragement. <3

    7. I totally agree with you on health, and the ranting is all good :) I was doing it myself.
      I understand the stress and just keep praying and trying to stay positive, it's a huge help. <3
      God Bless you too Ivie, we all need encouragement and I'm just giving it back. I got your email you and I'll answer ASAP! :) Just so busy currently..

  2. Ooooh, how did June end so fast?!?!?!?! XD
    BTW, thanks for all the work you're doing for Rebellious Writing, we couldn't do it without you!

    1. Oh, and happy birthday! I forgot to tell you that up there!^

    2. Oh Gray thanks! You seriously make me blush 0.0 <3
      And I know! AHH how does time pass so fast it's insane. I feel like I was twelve yesterday XD

  3. Agh, I can't believe you're Lieseling (you know, "You are sixteen going on seventeen...")! I'm so pumped for NaNo and for Rebellious Writing-- all the writing things are just making this summer worth it!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. What a special way to put it! Now the song is stuck in my head XD
      Same here!!! AHH! It's keeping me busy but a good kind of busy!
      I hope you are having and will continue having an AWESOME summer ;) and thanks for the sweet comment :)<3



  4. Happy Birthday (soon)! And I echo Gray; we couldn't have done the Rebellion without you! :D
    Another lovely post, Anna! <3

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! <3 Soli Deo Gloria, He is my driving force <3
      Again thanks for your drop of sunshine comment <3 :)

      xoxo - Anna

  5. All the best with Camp NaNo, and happy early birthday!

    Oh my word! You are the first person I've heard talking about Terri Fivash's books! I was hooked from the first one I read - although so far I've only managed to read the two you mentioned. I borrowed Joseph from someone and read it three times before giving it back! So yes, I'm glad to find someone who's read them as well! I take it you read her Dahveed books as well? Did you find them better, or not as good, as the others?

    And yes to your artist of the month as well. :) I hope you have a fabulous July, Anna! Thanks for sharing about your month! :)

    1. Thank you Jessica! <3

      OMW I also thought I was the only person!!! I read every single book she has released and though the Dahveed books are definitely harder and more complicated to read, they are staggeringly amazing. I was left in awestricken state more than once! DEFINITELY read them!

      I love for King and Country! Some songs more than others but they are an inspiring set.

      I hope you have a fabulous July too! Your comments always are so sweet and always bring a smile to my face <3 :)

  6. So happy to discover a fellow writer! :) I found a snippet from another post of yours. "I don’t speak much. I hear, I think, I see. Boy do I see, I see so much it confuses me. Words, actions, feelings, and relationships get mixed up in my brain like baking soda with vinegar." Absolute brilliance. <3 I hope NaNoWriMo goes well!

    Why do we have hope in tomorrow? I hope I'm supposed to answer this, and maybe I'll come up with a new answer for your contest. Hmm...maybe because sometimes we are miserable and suffering, and darkness cannot exist without light. :)

    1. Hi Jo!
      It's so nice to meet a new person around, before you know it we'll be old friends ;)
      AHHHHH thank you so much for the compliment! You have no idea how much it means to me! <3

      That's a beautiful answer and I'd love to see you in the upcoming soon as I get a chance to make it! XD Time is a golden yet fleeting thing...

      Again thank you for the lovely comment and I'll definitely have to check out your blog!

      xox - Anna

  7. omw "Oh God, Forgive Us" is one of my FAVORITE songs ever.

    I believe that we have hope in tomorrow because it's a chance to begin again, to try again, a reminder that though today might be horrible tomorrow might not be, and that's enough to keep us going :)

    audrey caylin

    1. I LOVE THAT SONG!!!

      What a beautiful answer! It's a good reminder in a busy time and day <3

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Audrey :)

      xox - Anna

  8. I just got back from summer camp (that's why I haven't replyed to your email yet)!

    Anna, have an awesome, amazing, splended July!

    1. How was summer camp! And don't you worry! I totally understand the summer rush.
      That is so sweet of you! I hope you have an even awesomer, more amazing, splendider July! XD *ignore the fact that I'm a writer and should have proper grammar*

  9. WHOA SWIM CAMP SOUNDS CRAZY AWESOME. <3 I MISS SWIMMING SO MUCH OMG. Also wow your words about getting stuff done/the lack thereof = SO ENCOURAGING. I often feel like that, too...especially lately. I just over-commit to things and when I can't accomplish things I feel like I'm worthless. AND IT'S AWFUL. Been meditating more on how I everything I need, right now. :') No need to stress.


    rock on,

      Thank you! I am so glad you could be encouraged,I AM WITH YOU, I feel the exact same way about my self! It's so easy to fall into the over commitment pit!!! But you can do this Abbiee, step by step! <3 Btw I just wanted to say your blog and instagram are both reaaaaally beautiful! #goals





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