5 Tips to Help You Get Through Your Crazy Summer

May 31, 2017


Ahh the obvious…If you’re like me it’s a problem spot. But it is important, whether your summer is busy and filled with things from A to Z or you’re just trying to finish a novel. I’ve dug through the net and my brain to give you all some scheduling ideas. All of our brains are wired differently, so I’ve come up with a few cool scheduling tips.

·         PLANNER. Now this is important, whether you buy it or just make your own in a notebook/binder is your choice but it’s a must have. (Oh please! *grunts*) Yes it seems that if you’re like me, the planner gets loved for one month and then forgotten forever in some corner of your room. *guilty smile* Making a neat and visually attractive space is going to help you with that. Whatever you do, make it work for you, we’re all different. As far as planning goes do it the first day of every month (or before) and add on things as they come. HELPFUL TIP: If your compiling your own planner, binders are great for a variety of things.

·         COLOR CODING. May I introduce you to the most helpful visual tool *drum roll* COLOR CODING! Obviously this consists of taking out your favorite colors and applying them to different tasks. (e.g. Home/Family-green, Church-blue, Friends/Outings-purple, School /Work-orange, Writing-RED) This is so helpful for quick glances and especially if you’re really busy and don’t have the time to pore over your planner. If you’re going on vacations, conventions, visiting family/friends, this REALLY helps. It saves so much time.

·         DRY ERASE CALENDAR. This is really so helpful. Write on the month’s quota and if something is canceled. Erase. It’s so much neater than scribbled out lines and invalid reminders.

2.      HEALTH

I’m going to keep this simple, short and helpful even though I do enjoy rambling about this subject!
·         H2O. (Duh Anna) No it’s actually a lot more important than you think, especially in summer. Keeping a water bottle by your side might be helpful. Running errands? Make sure to bring one along. Your energy will last so much longer and you’ll feel much better. *Teeny tiny voice* And coffee dehydrates you…summer+coffee= *whisper* no.

·         GET MOVING. Dear writer, please don’t let your bum rot away this summer. Get up and moving, it’s necessary to feeling good. God created us to generate hormones that make us feel a lot better when we are being active. It can even be a simple walk, but trust me you’ll feel so much better.

·         EAT HEALTHY. Yes I promised I would keep it simple. So I won’t elaborate, just eat healthy, get your fruits and veggies. You’ll feel a lot cooler when your body isn’t burning complex carbs.


·         A simple notebook. A pencil. The Bible. That’s all you need along with an open heart, let it be heartfelt communication between you and God. A log of the things He has done for you and the things you are doing for Him. When you feel discouraged open it up and realize how much he has been doing for you.


Sometimes it seems like we need a break from vacation. Tips to stay on track and motivated this summer?

·         Make a list on your blog or your notebook. Write down a simple to-do, a TBR list, and a realistic bucket list (Psst. Not your bungee rope dreams). Check off as you accomplish this summer and stay encouraged and motivated!

·         Spend time away from screens and do things! Keep the hot part of days for writing and sedentary things and in the morning and evenings go outside and spend time with friends and family.

5.      ENJOY!

Some of us are working, some of us are going to camp, some of us are doing summer sports, some of us are trying to meet goals, some of us are trying to finish our novels ( beep, beep entering nano mode) some of us are even getting married. But dear reader, whatever you’re doing this summer, please enjoy it and thank God for it. Whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you pass, reach for the beauty and not the ashes, leave your smile and encouragement behind even if you think it isn’t need it. Your little footsteps could change lives this summer. Here’s to wonderful adventures and priceless memories! 

What are YOU doing this Summer? What are your tips and pointers to make it through? Share below! I always love to hear what you guys have to say!
 Just keep it clean and remember to check back because I answer all my comments. :)

 God is the one who began this good work in you, 
and I am certain that he won’t stop
 before it is complete on the day that Christ Jesus returns.
(Philippians 1:6)

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  1. This summer, I'll be working on a bunch of writing projects, going camping with my family, and enjoying he nicer weather. =)

    Great post, and lovely blog!


    1. Thanks Micaiah, its so nice to see new people here! And we seem to be doing all the same things this summer! :)

  2. Ha, I've done the same thing with a planner before ;) (used it for one month then forgotten about it). I use a bullet journal now because I can customize it and its artsy.

    I'm going to swamped with writing projects this summer! I'm thinking I'm going to take August off though and enjoy the outdoors.

    audrey caylin

    1. XD I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.

      That sounds like an awesome idea! :) Wishing you the best of luck with all the writing projects.

  3. I'm such an artsy sort but I can never keep up with a bullet journal! It's so hard sometimes because everything has to be straight and I'm very much a perfectionist when it comes to drawing straight lines.

    Making a (realistic) bucket list is important to! I just wrote a post about that recently of what my summer goals are-- traveling out of town, hanging out with old groups of friends, simple things like that.

    I think another thing people should realize about summer is it's the time to relax. It's basically a brain spa day! So it's important to just relax and not think about school (unless you are going back to school around this time of year) and just enjoy the sunshine and air we've got.

    I love your blog's design; it's very beautiful. Don't be surprised to see me hang out and comment on more of your posts!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. How I relate to being perfectionist! I am definitely going to check out the post. And honestly i totally agree, thinking too much about cramming every existing thing in your summer is going to result in a crash.
      Thanks for sharing! I always appreciate that.

      I'm happy to see you here :) I will definitely have to go check out your blog.


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