The Garden

There’s a story I like to tell when someone says things like…”Well if God exists than why do we have such a crooked world? Why is there so much hate and darkness?” or “If there is a God then he doesn’t hear me, I’ve been praying to him for years and it never did me an ounce of good.”  If you think the same then you aren’t the only one, there was a point where those questions came from my mouth, I was bitter about it. Really bitter, but thankfully by God’s grace I am growing closer to understanding what it all means…so here, settle back and let me tell you this little story.
The story starts in a beautiful garden, a garden filled with care and beauty at every corner. The Gardener had planted all sorts of flowers, plants, vines, shrubs, and trees. The colors burst at every twist and turn filling any viewer’s eye with awe. The fragrant scents that rose from the flowers where enough to beckon any passerby in. The garden thanks to the hardworking Gardener was a place of immense beauty and harmony, but one day it happened that a horrible mildew began spreading over all this beauty crinkling the leaves and petals and eating away the stems of the delicate flowers. Now the Gardener was sad and heartbroken to see his beautiful creation fading away, he had known that someday this mildew would come and spoil his work of art, but he had a plan of action because he could not let this mildew extinguish all the plants that he loved so much. So the Gardener came with his special formula that would kill the mildew, but that’s when more trouble started. When the Gardener had reached the roses they started to whine
“Gardener, we hate the smell and feel of the spray. Go away! We will kill the mildew ourselves!” the Gardener was sad to hear this because he knew they could do nothing but he would not force himself on them and so he moved on to the shady pear tree. 
“Gardener!” the pear tree called in a mournful voice. “What can I do? I have gone through so much pain being grafted and pruned all throughout my childhood, now must you give me more pain? Just let me die in peace, life doesn’t mean anything to me anymore!”  so the Gardener sighed and moved on to the ivy trellises.
“Gardener!” they cried “Please help us!”
“I can help you…” the Gardener said in his wise voice. “But this will hurt, it will not be easy for you.”
“It’s ok!” the ivy cried in their high voices “We will accept the pain to get better.”
The Gardener began to spray the ivy trellises and did they shriek and cry! 
“Ouch it burns! Aiii my new leaves!” they shrilled as the Gardener patiently kept up his work. Finally he was done and the ivy trellises’ positivity was thoroughly dampened as they moaned in their pain. The Gardener told the ivy trellises to keep growing and making new little green leaves despite their pain but they did not listen. The Gardener moved on to the little daisy next that stood pitifully groveling on the hot stone that used to be her companion. 
“Dear Gardener!” she cried as cheerfully as she could though she was dying “It is good to see you!”
The Gardener smiled lovingly as he bent down beside the wilted little daisy. “I have come to help you.” He said as he watered her dry roots.
“Thank you Gardener…” she said trying to raise her drooping head in thanks.
“Now little daisy…this will hurt…” the Gardener warned.
“I know Gardener, but I trust that you know best…” she said wearily. The little daisy winced in pain as the strong liquid fell on her delicate petals and her thin stem but when she was done she managed the strength to raise her aching leaves and squeak out a “Thanks.”
Now in time this is what happened to the Garden…the roses lost their beauty and resolve and died, they were burned with the pear tree who died a mournful death as he wailed his hardships to whoever would listen; the ivy trellises almost made it but the great pain of the incident stunned them and they refused to continued making green leaves, now they are withered and yellow and the Gardener will see if there is any hope left for them before he disposes of them; the little daisy is radiant and beautiful, truly it was a lot of pain but in time she grew even better and more beautiful than before. 
Thus ends my little story of the beautiful Garden…can you see the relevance to our world? But enough said…my only question that remains is, which plant will you be?

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