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Genre: Literary Novel YA
Pages: In progress
"Amaranth is fighting inside, fighting with things she has never faced before. Life is changing, spiraling out of control and her heart is breaking. During a long sickness fighting between delirium and reality she gets stuck in a maze and only one thing gets her out...following a strange and beautiful song. When she gets well again she realizes that it wasn't just a dream, there actually is a song. At the end of a song is a healer, a healer pressed for time who has been told by God to pass on his gifts to the girl that will be sent. To pass on the magic of life and healing and above all to teach her to follow the God given song in her heart."

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Genre: Realistic Christian
Pages: In Progress

"River has an unusually strong awareness of the spiritual world. While this brings her closer to God it also makes for unexplainable anxiety and depression. To make it even harder her parent’s marriage is falling apart and her brother is straying down the wrong path she almost got lost on. When her neighbor friend calls with a job opportunity at the local Starbucks, River instantly grabs it. Anything is better than sitting idle and listening to the demons inside. On her first day she is amazed to find a group of college guys who use the coffee shop as their weekly meeting place for ministry. She begins to get involved and gets to know Eli. Their friendship grows through their outreach ministry to the nearly homeless people that live at the local motel. At least that’s what River thinks, Eli is slowly falling in love with her. While Eli grew up in a warm Christian family all his life, River has gone through a young adulthood filled with turmoil and is hesitant about entering any sort of relationship again. A story about the little voices and big worries that play through our heads, but most importantly a story about the voice that roars louder than any of our fears."

(The aesthetics)

 He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.
(Psalm 23:3)


  1. Your stories sound awesome!:) I can't wait to read more about them

    1. Thank you Quinley! :) I can't wait to read more about yours either :)


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